Why choose a spa bath and for what type of bathroom?


The benefits of balneotherapy are well established. The nozzles in the bathtub deliver a massage that not only has a relaxing and de-stressing effect, but also helps relieve back pain, muscle and joint pain. The hydromassage jets also promote blood circulation. Apart from these health benefits, balneotherapy also helps eliminate cellulite and reshape the body for aesthetic purposes. Some models incorporate the injection of high concentration oxygen into the bath water, which then becomes a real makeover for the skin, by gently exfoliating and regenerating it.

In addition, to balneotherapy, it is also possible to add other treatments such as chromotherapy, aromatherapy or music therapy. These additional options are generally offered on the most upscale spa bath models. In addition to conventional massages, chromotherapy adds light effects to influence mood and increase the feeling of well-being.

Aromatherapy consists of diffusing different scents for a de-stressing and relaxing effect. Finally, as its name suggests, music therapy will diffuse sounds and music for increased comfort and relaxation.

However, while the advantages are numerous, many are reluctant to purchase this equipment because of its large dimensions. Cost aside, this is arguably one of the biggest barriers to buying such a hot tub. However, it should be noted that there are models that do not exceed the size of a classic bathtub and which can therefore very well find their place in a room of modest size. Depending on the surface area you have, all you have to do is choose a model with the right dimensions and the shape of which adapts to your architectural constraints.

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