Construire un jacuzzi

Producing your own jacuzzi is possible as long as you are a good handyman! You can call on a professional a specialized contractor who will give you the best possible favor, for example a spa salesman The jacuzzi is a dream, but this whirlpool tub found in spas and luxury hotels seems an inaccessible luxury. On the contrary, you can afford this pleasure at a low price, as long as you build it yourself, because in addition to being a source of well-being and relaxation, it is also a real source of conviviality. For your well-being, we have immersed ourselves in an in-depth investigation into the construction of a Jacuzzi. Here is a jacuzzi construction plan, to be reserved for DIY pros To install a spa or jacuzzi at home and enjoy the pleasures of hydrotherapy at home. The first step in installing a hot tub-spa in the house is to choose the right location. the ground must be firm and sturdy because the spa normally weighs two tons when filled: the weight and size of the basin are the first things to consider. You should consider with a specialist if necessary, that the ground can support the weight. The second step involves considering the location of the installation of the block or technical room for your jacuzzi. Indeed, it is essential to have access to the hydraulic system and to comply with electrical standards to guarantee the proper functioning and safety of your spa or jacuzzi. And finally concerning the heating system: to be pleasant to use, a jacuzzi should have a heating mechanism and hydrojets. These elements make the construction quite complex. A Jacuzzi kit, the solution for small budgets You have always dreamed of owning a spa at home but the budget to be allocated for such an acquisition has always slowed you down, not to mention the installation ... Have you planned to purchase a spa in kit form in a spa sale? Certainly, the cost of a spa kit defies all competition and this is its strong point. You will find kit spas from 500 euros for basic models. The price of the spa will amplify depending on the options adopted and the size.

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