An overhaul to your outide decor


For more decor in your garden, you can also place it very close to your pool while combining them in terms of shape and color. Here are some precautions to take for the pa outdoors: • The ground that supports it must be level and solid. So make sure that it holds up well, to avoid the risk of cracking the hull. • Increase the height of the concrete slab by about 10 cm • the electricity must be powerful enough • align the spa and the technical elements for its proper functioning • Avoid damp places and places that are too sunny for too long, to reduce the risk of wearing out the spa cover and skirt. • Keep polluting plants away, dirt roads that are too close, dead leaves, sand etc… • Avoid the floor which slips in contact with water, on the contrary, it must resist water jets. Can I install my spa in height? The answer is simple. It is doable but you just have to make sure that the structure that will support the whole spa, especially when it is filled and in use, is very resistant. What if we installed our spa on an apartment terrace It is not very frequent but it can be done well provided that your terrace is more than 15m² and well solidified, because in general, the terraces cannot support the weight of the water, because its floor is made to support only within 500 kg / m². Or outside, under a shelter? This is an option in the middle of an outdoor spa and an indoor spa. Under the shelter you will have more protection. Use your creativity to achieve a beautiful garden. There are several types of shelters: pergolas, gazebos, pool-type shelters, etc. What are the advantages of the spa enclosure: • You increase the temperature of the water, which means less energy consumption • You are protected against rain, wind, leaves, etc. and therefore reduce water pollution, in addition you will have more safety

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