Why a spa session is all you need

Weightlessness, heat, massage. The success of a shower and comfort spa lies during this winning trio, all that's missing is that the atmosphere that matches your mood at the instant and you're ready for a true relaxation session with all the advantages it can provide.

Why buy a spa?

  • Hydrotherapy, our spas are true spaces of relaxation and care.
  • Heat, water heated on the average to 34 ° C, a temperature that you simply can vary consistent with your desires and therefore the seasons.
  • Size, smaller than that of a swimming bath , which makes it easier to integrate, especially in tight spaces or on steep terrain.
  • Leisure area, whether aquagym or for enjoying with children.
  • Solution, whether you're looking to share a convivial moment, to relax or to possess a massage, the spa will meet your expectations.

Eliminates toxins:

the air massages administered by thousands of small bubbles have a beneficial oxygenation effect on the tissues.

Improves blood circulation:

water massages are more targeted, they assist better blood and lymphatic circulation.

Tonify the skin:

the hydrojets are “tonic” jets, deeper, they permit to relax the contracted muscles while toning the skin.

Reduces stress:

during a spa session a muscular relaxation takes place which is saving during times of stress or after workout .

Fights anxiety:

Relaxing in one among our spas relaxes your muscles and thereby helps eliminate symptoms of hysteria .

Let you relax

You can take some time before fully immersing yourself in one among our spas. a number of our models are equipped with a step or a raised access area compared to the opposite places within the spa, this space allows you to enter the spa and exit it gradually by sitting down so as to not only have your legs within the water. it's about leaving, little by little, all the tensions and worries out of the spa, and at the top of the session, to return more slowly to reality and to the temperature which surrounds you.

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